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Electronic Direct Deposit allows delivery of your employee paychecks AND student refunds directly into your checking OR savings account.

Benefits of Electronic Direct Deposit:

  • Allows you to access your funds more quickly
  • Saves time and gas that you would use going to and from your bank
  • Provides your paycheck or refund without paper and travel, which contributes to Appalachian’s goal to operate more sustainably.

Sign up online for electronic Direct Deposit.
Please click on one of the links below to get started:

1.  For Electronic Direct Deposit to one bank only, click on the following link and follow the directions under the link.


Login using your Appalnet account information
Click Employee Tab or Student Tab
Click Direct Deposit Enrollment or Changes
Complete Electronic Signup

2.  For Electronic Direct Deposit to multiple banks, please click on the link below. 

Complete the form, include required attachments, and return to the Payroll Office at ASU P.O. Box 32125, Boone, NC  28608

Multiple Ban Direct Deposit Signip/Change Form [PDF]

DIRECT DEPOSIT is one method the University uses to pay employees by having their net pay (Gross pay after taxes and other deductions) deposited directly into the employee’s checking or savings account.  It is the most efficient, secure, and economical  method of delivering payments; reducing the number of checks lost in the mail and reducing the fears associated with identity theft.

Q.  How does Direct Deposit work?

A.  Direct Deposit is simple.  Once you have signed up for direct deposit you no longer have to go to the bank on payday to deposit your payroll check.  Each payday your net pay will automatically be deposited into your account (checking/savings) by electronic funds transfer based on information provided by the Payroll Office to your bank. 

Q.  How does Direct Deposit benefit me, the employee?

A.  Time Savings to the employee-No need to pick up check from your department, no waiting in line at the bank, and no special arrangements to make when you are planning to be out-of-town.  Your pay is automatically available to you in your designated checking or savings account on payday.

Q.  When is my net pay deposited for each payday?

A.  All employees should check with their individual banks to determine the specific time their money will be posted to their individual checking or savings accounts.  Payroll sends the bank files through with an effective date of payday each cycle but each bank determines individually what time the monies will post.  Employees should always verify that their bank deposit has posted either by visiting their banks online system, calling their local branch, or checking balance on an ATM machine before making any financial transactions to avoid any penalties, etc.

Q. How do I sign up for direct deposit?

A. See above information on online sign-up!  Otherwise, Faculty, EPA Administrative, Staff, and Non-Student Temporary employees should contact the Human Resource Office Benefits Department (Kathy Hamby, hambyka@appstate.edu ext 6485; or Angie Miller millerad@appstate.edu, ext 6769).  All Student Employees (Graduate Assistants, Salaried Students, Hourly Paid Student Temporary, and Work Study employees) should contact the payroll office at 262-6422.

Q. Is Direct Deposit Required?

A. In keeping with a consistent, cost-effective fiscal policy, ASU adopted the policy mandating direct deposit per BUSINESS AFFAIRS MEMORANDUM NO. 2006-06 (PDF 98KB).