Manual Check Procedure

The primary purpose of the manual check process is to generate omitted payments to our employees who did not receive a paycheck in the regular processing schedule.  If the paperwork is completed by the posted payroll deadlines the employees will receive their checks in their normal payroll cycle.   We also offer the manual check process to an employee whose pay has inadvertently been shorted for a particular month if there is a financial crisis and they must receive payment before the regularly scheduled concurring pay date.

All campus departments are responsible for processing pay authorizations and timesheets for their employees by the payroll office scheduled deadlines each pay period.  Manual checks are an exception to regular payroll processing and should not be substituted for the timely processing of regular payroll submission of employees’ payments.

Careful consideration should be given to each manual check request submitted for an employee who has already received a paycheck.  These are to be requested in emergency financial crisis situations only.

Manual check requests along with all related backup (the pay authorization and/or timesheets) must be submitted by Friday at 5:00 p.m. for the next week’s manual check run.  Manual checks are written on a weekly basis each Tuesday between the 1st and the 20th of each month.  The checks are normally authorized for release by Wednesday or Thursday of the same week.

Please click here for the Manual Check Request Form (PDF).

Note:  All information MUST be completed, and signatures are mandatory before consideration will be given to the manual check request.  Please include check distribution method including phone number and/or address of contact person.

Note:  Any deviation to the manual check schedule or policy listed above must be approved by Lori Cornell, Director of Payroll at 262-6422 or cornellla@appstate.edu