Replacement Check Procedure


In the event that you receive a paper paycheck that is then lost, stolen, or damaged, Appalachian State University Payroll office will issue a replacement check.

To initiate the replacement check you must come to the University Payroll Office to complete the stop payment process, which includes signing an Affidavit and Indemnity Bond form and having it notarized. Once the stop payment process is completed, the original check will be cancelled and a replacement check can be issued within one to two weeks.

Note: If the original check is found after a stop payment request has been submitted to the Payroll Office, the original check is no longer valid and should be returned to the Payroll Office to be destroyed. In the event that the original check is cashed as well as the replacement check, this will be considered a Payroll Overpayment, and restitution must be made according to the General Statutes of North Carolina, under Article 60, Section 143-553.