W2 (FAQ)

W2 (FAQ)


For information about your W2, or if you have a question concerning your W2, please contact the Payroll Office at 262-6422.

If you have any address changes, please make sure to contact Payroll by December 15th of each year to ensure proper mailing of W2s.

All Staff, Faculty, and EPA Administrator employee W2s are mailed to the department on or before January 31 of each year.

All Non-Student Temporary employee W2s are mailed to the permanent address on or before January 31 of each year.

All Student W2s are mailed to their ASU Box on or before January 31 of each year.

Duplicates for either lost or never received W2s will not be produced until the 1st working day in February.  All requests should be made to the Payroll department by calling 828-262-6422.

Q.  Box 1 of my W2 doesn’t match my year to date gross wages.  Why is there a discrepancy?

A.  Box 1 of the W2 reflects employee taxable wages.  This is determined by subtracting all pre-tax deductions from your gross wages.  Pre tax deductions include Retirement, Medical insurance, Flex benefits, annuities, pre-tax parking and traffic deductions.

Q.  Box 3 doesn’t match Box 1.  Why is there a difference?

A.  Retirement is not a pre-tax deduction for social security applicable wages.  Other pre-tax deductions such as medical insurance, flex benefits, pre-tax parking and traffic, are subtracted from gross wages to determine social security applicable gross amounts.

Q.  My Social Security number or my name is incorrect on my W2.  How do I get this corrected?

A.  If you are a student employee, please take your social security card to the Registrar’s Office and have your number corrected in the system then contact payroll at 262-6422. If you are a Faculty, Staff, EPA Administrator, or Non-Student Temporary employee please take your card to the Office of Human Resource Services then contact payroll at 262-6422. 

Q.  I received a W2-C what should I do with this?

A.  Use the W2-C in conjunction with your W2 to file your income taxes.  The W2C only reflects items that required correction so you should combine the two when filing your taxes for the year.

Q.  Who needs an identification number?

A.  Any NRA receiving a payment from the University is required to have an identification number.  Those who complete a Form 8233 and apply for a tax treaty exemption are required to have an identification number. The Form 8233 asks for the identification number in Part 1 of the form.

If the NRA is eligible to work in the United States, the law requires that the NRA have a social security number for identification. Application for a social security number is done on Form SS-5, which is filed with the Social Security Office.

If the NRA is not eligible to work in the United States, the IRS requires the NRA to apply for an ITIN. To receive an ITIN the alien applies with the IRS. A Form W-7 is completed to apply for the ITIN.

Note: If you have questions please contact Lori Cornell 828-262-6422 or via email at cornellla@appstate.edu.

Q.  I need to change my tax withholding status.  How do I do this?

A.  Click on the link below, update your forms, and if you are a student employee please mail to Payroll Department, ASU PO Box 32125, Boone,  NC  28608.  If you are a Staff, Faculty, or EPA Administrative employee, please mail to Human Resource Services Benefits Office at ASU PO Box 32010, Boone,  NC  28608.

For Federal Withholding Status Changes click http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf

For State Withholding Status Changes click http://www.dornc.com/downloads/forms_trad.php?url=nc-4.pdf  click forward to complete form.